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Children's day in Maihaugen museum

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23 | August 11:00

Children's Summer Day in the end of August, both with lots of activities for children of all ages. Children’s Summer Day is held at the end of August every year and offers more than 40 activities and experiences for children of all ages!

Children’s Summer Day has been an event at Maihaugen in Lillehammer for the last forty years. The day is packed full of experiences for the children. They can take part in digging for gold, driving an ATV, face painting, carpentry, wood carving, target practice, climbing, calf herding, shooting at targets, fire extinguishing, fishing, riding a cableway across Breisjøen, science experiments, horse-drawn “taxi”rides, canoeing, children’s traffic town and other fun activities.

The day ends with a show at the open air stage at Dansarvollen. The show is presented by Posten Norge, which owns the Post museum at Maihaugen, and is included in the entrance fee. The artist is revealed during May every year.

Maihaugen is situated within walking distance of the centre of Lillehammer and the railway station. There are signs for the museum on the E6. There is a large car park on the northern side of the visitor center.

The full programme for the day is published in August.