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Cottage autumn holiday

Autumn holidays in the mountains are some of the best you can experience. Beautiful autumn colors and clear air give you energy to meet the winter. The Hafjell and Lillehammer region is an eldorado for mountain hikes and activities on weekends and autumn holidays.


At Hafjell we have many cozy cabins for rent during the autumn holidays that are perfect for those of you who want to hike or take a bike ride. In addition, we can offer large, beautiful cabins on Mosetertoppen and Hafjelltoppen and at Hafjell Lodge. If you want to be in the mountains during the autumn holidays with the children, we also have a large selection of holiday apartments and cozy hotels.

Down in the valley with a view of Gudbrandsdalen we have family-friendly cabins with a short distance to Hafjell Bike Park and the family parks Lilleputthammer and Hunderfossen.

Welcome to Hafjell during the autumn holidays.