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Buy your entrance tickets to Hafjell Lekeland online, you will be sent a qr code which you show when you arrive at the playground. Our tickets are based on you choosing entry time, and will then have two hours of play from arrival. The reason for this is to distributeour guests throughout the day so that it does not exceed the maximum number inside the playland at the same time.
Playland Hafjell is an indoor playground of approx. 800 sqm for families with children, school classes, kindergartens, leisure clubs, sports teams, institutions and others with responsibility for children aged 0 to approx. 12 years. In Lekeland Hafjell, children can frolic in slides, obstacle courses, ball bins etc. They can jump, climb, crawl, balance, slide, explore and discover.

Here there is no organized play, the children get to develop their creativity by creating their own toys and rules. With us, the children have a lot of fun, at the same time as they get to move in a safe environment. The children get to strengthen their motor skills and test their skills! There are separate departments adapted for children aged 0-3 years and 2-4 years.

All play equipment is secured and approved according to Norwegian laws and regulations.

Remember to select arrival time when you book tickets.
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