Hafjell Park

Hafjell has three parks and many lines. Hafjell park is a great effort to Hafjell Alpine Centre this winter. HafjellParken is building a new park for the youngest park riders, and it will be ready for the season opening. The park will contain a 100m lift with two different rail lines with different difficulty. The parks location is at Mosetertoppen; the best location in Hafjell.

Hafjell Terrain Park

In Hafjell there's a park for everyone, with 3 big areas for park riding, you can hit jumps, rails, boxes and other fun features at your own level. We are proud to say that we have one of the best parks in Norway.

KIDS Mosetertoppen

KIDS Mosetertoppen for beginners with difficulty level green. This is the perfect place for beginners, if you are learning basic skiing or want to jump for the first time. The slope is gentle and has two lifts, one magic carpet that brings you up to the top of the gondola. Next to the magic carpet you will find different obstacles and have your first meeting with a park. There is also a normal slope, forest run and a line with small jumps. When you feel safe here you can move over to the next park: Backyard.


Backyard is for those who have some experience and has a blue, red and black line. Backyard is located behind the topstation of the Gondola at Mosetertoppen and has its own platter lift. The park is about 500 meters and has three different lines with elements for different levels. All the lines have 6 elements and the difficulty level will increase with the different lines. The park has one blue an red jumping line where the meaning is that you start with the easiest one and work your way up to the red one. When you feel safe here you can move on to Main Park.

Main Park

Mainpark is for the experienced and experts with blue, red and black lines. Main Park was the first park in Hafjell and was built in 2000. This has been the arena for big events such as Megapark, NM, Norgescup and slopestyle in the 2016 Youth Olympics. The park contains obstacles for the experts, as well as a red and blue jumping line. We encourage you to read the park rules and have basic skills before you go skiing here. There is also a small gathering place here with music, table, bbq and lockers (Nok 10,-)
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