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Jorekstad water park

Jorekstad Water park in Lillehammer Lillehammer
price from
122 NOK
25 | June 10:00
26 | June 10:00
27 | June 10:00
28 | June 10:00
29 | June 10:00
30 | June 10:00
30 | June 10:00
01 | July 10:00

Jorekstad Water park featuring indoor and outdoor pools. Steam bath and sauna. Swimming lessons for children and baby swimming courses. When you get hungry, you can have bite to eat in the cafe.

Here you can jump, splash, trim, dive, swim, take a sauna or simply relax while the kids frolic in the play pool and water slide. Lillehammer - Hafjell area's largest water park

This is the perfect place to jump, splash, trim, dive, train, have a sauna or simply relax while your children swim and enjoy the water slide both indoors and outdoors. Jorekstad Fritidsbad is located about 8 km south of Hafjell Hotel & Apartments next Jørstadmoen military camp.

In addition to the water park you will find sports that you can rent for:
* Basket
* Tennis
* Badminton
* Volleyball
* Gymnastics

The biggest water park of the region with indoor and outdoor pools. A large outdoor area for sunbathing, a diving tower with 1, 3 and 5 meters’ jumps, three water slides, water cannons, climbing wall and four pools. Separate
playing pool for small children both outside and inside.