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Nordseter Mountain Church

Nordseter mountain church is from 1964 in Lillehammer municipality, Oppland county. It is designed by architect Erling Viksjø. The building is in half-timbered buildings and has 160 seats. The church's choir wall and altar are designed by the artist Odd Tandberg. The church was consecrated in 1964 by Bishop Kristian Schjelderup to church for Nordseter.

The idea to build a mountain church goes back to 1937. That same year devoitons were held at the Nilsen Hotel. Raffles were arranged to provide for initial capital. The War made it necessary to postpone the idea until 1947, when a meadow belonging to the Hindklev farm was bought as property. In 1960 the construction began. The cost was calculated at 400.000 Nok. In addition came the value of various gifts of furniture. The church is visited by inhabitants of Nordseter as well as tourists. The church has a unique architecture with standing round timber construction.