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Pump track Hafjell

A new and large pump track cycle path has been built on Mosetertoppen by Skavlen restaurant and the disembarkation of the gondola. The pump track in Hafjell was ready for opening on July 4 in 2020.

In addition to this we are building a 1 km “funtrack” for kids around the Mosetertoppen area, with balance boards, bridges, teeter-totters and lots of other fun wooden constructions. The area will also get a facelift with a new playground and picnic area where you can enjoy the magnificent view over the Gudbrandsdalen valley.

As part of a larger development for the summer offer, there are a number of news in Hafjell Bike Park. The highlight this year is a new pump track of 2500m2 for all levels. The pump track is located on top of Mosetertoppen, right by the descent of the Gondola.

A pump track is a rolling bike path with a combination of jumps, turns and dumps. In such a cycle path, you create speed by moving in pumping movements - hence the name "Pumptrack".
Cycling in a pump track is fun for all ages and you also train balance and fitness - it also gives a great feeling of mastery by being able to get up to speed without stepping around.

The pump track has already after a few weeks become a very popular offer for everyone in the family.

Close to Skavlen and the pump track, we have Nest cabins for rent.