Restaurant i Hafjell

Restauranter i Hafjell

The Lodge

Restaurant located adjacent to Hafjell Lodge. Serves delicious meals in a cozy setting and the restaurant has a unique atmosphere. We have a total of 130 seats inside and 150 seats on the terrace. In addition, it is furnished seating area around the fireplace.

Hafjell Lodge

Restaurant Hafjell Hotell


Fresh air, beautiful scenery and great food! Gaiastova located at the top of Hafjell, 950 meters above sea level. On Gaiastova is a restaurant, lounge and Gaiabar where you are free to choose from exciting menus for both casual and formal.



We offer the guests homemade, authentic and delicious food - made with love and care, with excellent ingredients. In addition to the taste of delicious ingredients and perfect combinations, it is also something that brings people together, which gives you a good time! 


Catering og take away
Hafjell Lodge restaurant

Hafjell Hotell

In our comfortable lounges you can eat undisturbed. Our cuisine is ideal for tasty food in a relaxed atmosphere, giving you the opportunity to try both new and traditional dishes. This combined with our fine decorated reception rooms provides an inspiring and stately setting for any event.

The Restaurant