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Ski waxing room

In the old sheep farm of Hafjell Gard, a ski waxing room for training groups can be rented. The groups must live in our units at the Jaertunet and Hafjell Gard. The ski waxing room are 60 m2 and there are opportunities to park a car just outside the old sheep farm. There is light in the ski waxing room and the room is partly heated. Skiers are responsible for their own safety when using the facility (ie. masks, safety glasses, etc.) Skiers should bring their own personal tools:  scrapers, ski benches, wax applicators, base cleaners and waxes.

Info about the use of ski waxing room in Hafjell

Avoid heat gun and gas burner in the ski waxing room

The use of these tools together with fluoride-containing suspended particles can lead to the formation of toxic gases.

Make sure that the ski waxing waste is collected and disposed of in the residual waste.

Garbage is thrown into the container down by Hafjell Maskin

Tenants are responsible for ensuring that extension cords and electrical equipment are free from faults that eliminate fuses.

The ski waxing room must be cleaned up after use.

Smoking is prohibited in the ski waxing room. Remember to lock the door after use

Turn off lights before your leave

Phone Hafjell Resort / Hafjell Hotel reception: 61285550 (open 24 hours)