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Sorlia Bergstad cabin 17

Comfortable, privately owned cabin located approx. 200 meters from Hafjell Alpine Centre. A 15 minute walk takes you to the center of Oyer village. The cabin is decorated in traditional Norwegian style and has a large sunny veranda.

Hafjell Resort have two cabins on Bergstad, number 16 and 17. The cabins are on one level with two bed rooms. The kitchen is fully equipped and has a stove, fridge with small freezer, dishwasher, microwave. In the living room you will find a fireplace, sofa, dining table for 6 people.

Bed room 1: 1 Double bed.
Bed room 2: 2 bunk beds
Bath room 1: Shower, WC, sauna
m2: 50
Beds: 6
Pets allowed (must be agreed in advance)
Balcony / terrace

Short distance to the gondola and Hafjell bike park in the summer. It takes about 2 minutes by car to Lilleputthammer family park and 5 minutes to Hunderfossen.