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Troll cup football tournament

Troll cup soccer tournament in Hafjell which is located in Øyer municipality 15 km north of Lillehammer takes place 29-30.August 2020. Many teams from Norway travel to Trollcup to experience good atmosphere and exciting football matches.

The football matches during Trollcup are arranged at Øyer football field in the centre of the village which is within walking distance of Hafjell Hotell, Lilleputthammer familypark, Lekeland Hafjell, Hafjell Alpinlandsby Pluss, Nordlia cabins and Alpin Apartments Solsiden. Plus we offer accommodation for teams in large cabins.

Trollcup is a traditional football tournament organized by the football group in Øyer-Tretten Idrettsforening. The tournament is for girls and boys aged 7-12. The matches are played on artificial grass and natural grass at Øyer sports stadium which is located centrally at a short distance to accommodation, shops, restaurants, Lekeland Hafjell and Lilleputthammer family park.

Facts about Trollcup

About 200 teams participate.
About 1800 players, a total of about 3000-3500 visitors.
All teams play 4 games each, 2 per day. In total, over 300 games will be played within 2 days.
Trollcup participants, family members, team leaders and companions can purchase discounted tickets for Hunderfossen Family Park.
Match setup is adapted as far as possible to be able to combine with visits to Hunderfossen Family Park.
All participants receive a prize.
A boy and a girl team can win nice Fair Play trophies.
There are sales of kiosks and barbecue.
Lilleputthammer family park and Lekeland Hafjell offer special prices for participants under the Trollcup.

Ledig hotell, leiligheter og hytter under Trollcup

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