Bob og akebanen
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Bob og akebanen

Lillehammer Olympic Bob and Luge track

Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track is ideal for anyone looking for speed and excitement. Bobrafting is a ride down the track in a rubber bobsleigh with room for 5-6 people, and the speed can reach up to 100 km/h with a G-force of 3. For the most courageous, Taxibob is the preferred alternative as you get to ride in a genuine competition bobsleigh (4+bob) with room for 3 passengers. Speeds can reach up to 120 km/h with a G-force of 5.

Olympic bobsled

Ever dreamt of riding a genuine Olympic style bobsled? Lillehammer, host of the Olympic Games in 1994, is home to Northern Europe’s only artificially frozen bobsleigh and luge track. Start with bob rafting in a rubber bobsled, seating 5-6 people plus the experiended pilot and reaching speeds of up to 80-100km/hour. Then its time to move on to the Olympic-style bob sled. For many this is the ultimate experience; achieving speed up to 120km/hour and almost 5G. After the adrenaline pumping ride you will receive a certificate and become an official member of the 5G Club. Riding a bobsleigh is suitable for anyone older than 12 years old.
Bob rafting

This rubber is running on ice like a giant bathtub. There is room for 5-6 persons in addition to a licensed pilot, and reaches speeds up to 80 km / h. Helmets are mandatory and safety instructions given by the pilot before driving. Age limit 10 and 11 years m / guardian, 12 years u / guardians.

Four-man bob

This is the pinnacle of the toughest, because here you get to be on a real bob tour. The bob is controlled by a skilled pilot, and there is room for three passengers. Achieved a speed of up to 120 km / h and a load of almost 5 G. Hjelm and kidney belt is mandatory and safety instructions given by the pilot before driving. Everyone gets a bob certificate and become members of the G-5 club. Age limit 16 years.


Skeleton is a type of sled where you lie on your stomach with your head first. The speed reaches 70 km / h, and with a nose inches from the ice, you are guaranteed an adrenalin rush! Skeleton events may be organized for small groups. Age limit 16 years. 

Skeleton raft

Two and two lie side by side on my stomach with my head first. The speed reaches 60 km / h. Skeleton raft offered to tourists and groups. Age limit 16 years.

  • Technical data for course
  • Total length: 1,710 m
  • Largest length for competitions: 1,365 m
  • Total drop: 114.3 m
  • Steepest gradient: 15%
  • Estimated max. speed: 128 km/hr. (4-person bobsled)
  • Total ice-covered surface: 6,670 m2
  • No. of curves: 16
  • Season for winter/ice activities: October.-March.

EVENTS 2023/2024

21 – 29 October Omega IBSF Youth Series
25 November – 1 December IBSF Para Sport World Cup
27 November – 6 December IBSF Europe Cup Bob
19 – 22 December Parabob School
4 – 7 January IBSF Junior World Championship Skeleton
7.-13. January IBSF Europe Cup Skeleton
21 – 28 January BMW IBSF World Cup Bob & Skeleton
13 – 18 February Junior World Championship
4 – 9 March IBSF Para Sport World Championship
13 – 17 March Nordic Cup

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