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Lillehammer Olympiske bob og akebane
Sommer i Hafjell
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Lillehammer sentrum

Year round resort with activities

Hafjell Resort is a year-round resort destination with a variety of summer and winter activities built for families to enjoy. Hafjell is located in the beautiful Gudbrandsdal valley in Norway.

Summer in Lillehammer

Try some of the activities found in the Lillehammer region when you are on holiday. There are not many other regions in Norway that can show the same range of activities for families in the summer.

Winter in Lillehammer

In the winter, Lillehammer region is the place to be if you want to go cross country skiing or try our alpine resorts. Outdoor lovers should head to Hafjell near Lillehammer for their next vacation. This unique resort offers plenty of activities that allow visitors to explore nature in every season.

year round resort

Activities in Lillehammer region

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