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Leie hytte påske
Leie hytte påske
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Rent a cottage for easter

Hafjell is one of Norway's best ski resorts when you are going to experience a skiing holiday at Easter. Hafjell Ski Resort have a large program of events. If you want to rent a cabin at Easter, you can see what is available from cabins at Hafjell Resort.

Available cabins for Easter ski holiday

In our booking calendar you will find what is available at Easter on Hafjell of cabins


Sunday 2.April - Sunday 9.April 2023

Wednesday 5.April - Sunday 9.April 2023

The traditional Norwegian Easter is spent in the Easter mountains and celebrated with oranges, hot chocolate and ski trips on Øyerfjellet or on the ski slopes on Hafjell. Easter is a great time to relax, to enjoy yourself with family and friends, to eat good food and not least to go skiing.

Welcome to the Easter mountains on Hafjell