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Påske på Gaiastova
Afterski på Gaiastova

Easter time at Gaiastova

Gaiastova restaurant at the top of Hafjell invites you to a party with events that guarantee the right Easter atmosphere. Everything is planned to the smallest detail, and we are aiming for this year's largest Easter parties all three days in a row. Always free entry ID: 20 years

Easter program at Gaiastova

On Thursday at Easter, it is with 90's party, giveaways and maybe some surprises for you.

Dj BIGS sets the mood with retro beats and effects you haven't seen before. There is no need to dress up, but best costume wins tickets to "We Love the 90's 2019 at Telenor Arena!"

Good Friday and Easter evening, we repeat the success of the Saxophonist JulySax and DJ BIGS! July is Norway's coolest on saxophone, and really sets a mood that makes the goose skin sit down! This is a show you don't want to miss!

July Sax takes the party mood to new heights with his saxophone play when she performs with DJs at nightclubs, shows, concerts, events, weddings, private and open events. It has made her popular at the Town Hall Square under the VG list, the River Festival, in Kristiansand under the Palms, Skisprinten, Trestokkfestivalen, Fredrikstad Cup and other scenes.

Revoked from the US, the troubadour, the myth, the legend Tico! He plays tradition faithfully, Wednesday-Saturday on the terrace. Tico is one of Norway's foremost troubadours and creates top atmosphere and lots of singing.

So, bring sunscreen and friends of your friends, because this will be a great end to the season.

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