Restaurant Hafjell
Restaurant Hafjell Hotell
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Lodgen restaurant
Lodgen restaurant
Hafjell Pizza

Restaurants and dining

Hafjell has many cozy places if you are going out to a restaurant

Eating out in Hafjell

At Hafjell Hotell you can taste one of the best hotel breakfasts in Oppland - the hotel became the county winner in 2017 and 2018. If you want a good lunch or a la carte then you can choose between several restaurants in the center of Øyer village.

Restaurants summer

Hafjell Hotel serves its popular family buffet this summer. In Lilleputthammer in the summer there are several restaurants you can choose from. Here you will get homemade pizza in Cafe Central. In the month of July there is also a barbecue at Søndre park in Wiesegården and the grill plate is served. If you take the gondola on a summer day, we recommend that you stop by the restaurant Skavlen and taste their cinnamon balls and at Hafjelltoppen Gaiastova should have summer open with a mountain cafe.

Restaurants and apres ski

At Hafjell Hotell you can experience our cozy restaurant with its intimate living rooms. Also try the catering menu from Hafjell Hotel if you are staying at a cottage in the destination. Are you on the ski slope we recommend Hafjell Lodge with its "Skiers lunch" and at Hafjelltoppen Gaiastova Restaurant thinks with tapas on the menu. Both Lodgen and Gaiastova have apres ski on weekends with a high DJ or band atmosphere!

Restaurants in Hafjell

Here you will find restaurants and eateries in Hafjell. Some of the restaurants have apres ski in the ski season.

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