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Rental cottage

Hafjell Resort has a large selection of cabins for rent close to Hafjell Bike Park and boarding the gondola. The cabins are located in Nordlia, Hafjell Gard and Sørlia cabin district with a short drive to the family parks Lilleputthammer and Hunderfossen. Then we have cabins on Mosetertoppen, Hafjell Panorama and Hafjelltoppen if you want mountain terrain and hiking trails.

Hafjell is located approximately 3 km from Hunderfossen and 15 km from Lillehammer city. When you are in Hafjell you are at the start of Gudbrandsdalen.


We want to make your stay easier for you who book at Hafjell Resort. Upon arrival, you will find in our cabins and apartments the following: Some coffee filters, salt and pepper, dishwashing liquid, dish brush, cup towel, cloths for bench and floor, coarse cleaner, dishwasher detergent. In addition, we have installed one toilet roll per toilet / WC.


Hafjell Resort has cabins from 6 to 31 beds. It should cover most needs for the number of beds when you book a cabin for your holiday stay in Hafjell Hunderfossen.

Our cabins in Hafjell

Our cabins have entrance / exit directly to the open air and this also limits contact with other guests. The cabins are both cleaned and disinfected. After each departure, the accommodation unit will be thoroughly cleaned and then disinfected again. We put on new pillowcases on all arriving housing units.

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