Dog sledding with husky

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With husky

Through the stunning landscape of Sjusjøen in Lillehammer region of Norway, we give you an unique opportunity to experience the beautiful Norwegian mountain landscape while interacting with animals. Dog sledding is a wonderful activity, suitable for absolutely everyone. You choose yourself whether you want to control the sled yourself after instructions - or sit on. Therefore you can take part with any disabilities and in all age groups - we have had guests try from just a few months old to one gentleman at 96. 

Husky safari Sjusjoen 

Two people (+up to 3 children) get their own sled with 6 dogs. Everybody will be given instructions first on how to operate the sled, how to break and how to cooperate with the dogs. The tour is about 6km long, and will take about 30-40 minutes. The adults that want to drive the sled will swop at the half way point, so that everyone gets to try. After your tour there will be some hot drinks and cooking of traditional Norwegian twisted bread in our warm cabin. Altogether the whole program will last for about 60-90 minutes. 

For the ones that wants to get the feel of dog sledding, we offer longer tours up to 30 km. Here we go even deeper into the mountains with 8-10 dogs per sled, and you really get time to learn how to deal with the sled and the dogs. Not recommended for younger children, as they might get a bit cold after a while. The 15km tour lasts for about 1 hour 30 minutes, while the 30 km tour is around 3 hours. With instructions and some time to heat up and relax in the cabin afterwords you should plan for about 2-3 hours for the 15km and 4-5 hours for the 30km one!

26 Kuåsen, 2612 Sjusjøen, Norway +47 948 46 270  [email protected]

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