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Lillehammer church

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07 | April

The church was built in 1882. The church has 650 seats and is often used for concerts before Christmas and summer. Lillehammer church was built in neo-Gothic style, but after renovations in 1959 , almost the entire interior of the church changed.

Lillehammer Church was consecrated in 1882. The church seats 600 and was renovated in 1959 when its presents altar piece, carved and painted by Maja Refsum Nygård-Nilsen. The cross and baptismal font were given to the church as a present on 17 May 1990 by the families of English soldiers killed here in combat in 1940. Service Sundays at 11.00.

This monumental church is built in Gothic Revival style, in unpolished red bricks. The exterior appears today as when the church was completed, with the exception of the front doors which were replaced in 1959. Much of the interior was changed during this renovation, though. Including the benches, altarpiece, and pulpit, in addition to the renewal of the roof.

The old church that was located on the same site was demolished in 1882. This was a relatively small cruciform church in the timber.

Skoletorget 8
2609 Lillehammer