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New Year in Hafjell

Celebrate New Year in snowy Hafjell ski resort in Lillehammer region of Norway. There are various parties that everyone can attend, hosted by local restaurants and hotels in Hafjell. Spending your New Years Weekend in Hafjell is an amazing experience in your life time. New Year's weekend is one of the most popular periods in Hafjell and this year's year is no exception. We have few available apartments and cottages for New Year stay. At Hafjell Hotell there are only a few available hotel rooms.

New year skiing in hafjell


Guests book accommodation at Hafjell to celebrate the New Year. We recommend that you do not wait too long to book a cabin or apartment. For soon, the best places to stay are reserved.  What is better than getting out of the city and experiencing snow and starry skies on New Year's Eve? Hafjell Hotell invites you to celebrate the New year in Hafjell with an exciting menu.

Accommodation for New Year stay in Hafjell

Monday 27 December - Sunday 2 January

Wednesday 29 December - Sunday 2 January

Thursday 30 December - Sunday 2 January

New year at hotel

The New Year weekend is one of the most popular periods in Hafjell and this year's New Year's Eve is no exception. There are a few vacant residences above New Year so do not wait to book accommodation as it will be full soon.

Hafjell Hotell has an exciting menu for New Year's Eve. New Year's soup, (four-course party menu including a glass of sparkling wine) is served and marks a pleasant end to the last day of the year.

Welcome to Hafjell Hotel on New Year's Eve.

For the children, we open our indoor Lekeland Hafjell in the evening. This is a free offer for all our hotel guests.