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Christmas in Lillehammer

Christmas holiday 

Christmas in Norway is soon upon us and Lillehammer town and area is gearing up to greet Christmas visitors arriving from near and far. Christmas in Lillehammer / Norway will provide you with many memorable experiences during a time of the year when family, friends and delicious food are in focus. 

Lillehammer region is the perfect venue to relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. If you are travelling alone you will also have ample opportunity to meet people coming to the area also looking to make new friends. There will be a wide range of activities for both young and old – a place where all generations can enjoy the festive Yuletide spirit together. When the nights grow long, and the cold sets in - then it won't be long before the city gets dressed up for Christmas again. You might well compare Christmas in Norway / Lillehammer with yule-tide children's programmes on TV. 

Welcome to christmas town Lillehammer in Norway !

christmas holiday

Adventures in Christmas

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