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Christmas in Lillehammer

Christmas holiday 

Christmas in Norway is soon upon us and Lillehammer town and area is gearing up to greet Christmas visitors arriving from near and far. Christmas in Lillehammer / Norway will provide you with many memorable experiences during a time of the year when family, friends and delicious food are in focus. Lillehammer region is the perfect venue to relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

If you are travelling alone you will also have ample opportunity to meet people coming to the area also looking to make new friends. There will be a wide range of activities for both young and old – a place where all generations can enjoy the festive Yuletide spirit together. When the nights grow long, and the cold sets in - then it won't be long before the town gets dressed up for Christmas again. You might well compare Christmas in Norway / Lillehammer with yule-tide children's programmes on TV. 

You are not to late to book your holiday today directly. The Lillehammer region is famous for the spectacular local ski terrain and the many local winter sports activities. The area offers a wide range of skiing alternatives, including approx. 350 km. of prepared cross-country trails. You can ski in both forested and mountain terrain, and all the trails are clearly sign posted.

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Monday 20 December - Monday 27 December

Wednesday 22 December - Monday 27 December

Wednesday 22 December - Wednesday 29 December

Thursday 23 December - Monday 27 December

Thursday 23 December - Thursday 30 December

Hafjell for Christmas

At the entrance of the Gudbrandsdalen valley, cutting north from Lillehammer, you find the hills of Hafjell facing the sun and the visitors. The Winter Olympics gave a worldwide resonance to the name and the resort has developed to become a master of winter. Most of your apartments, chalets and lodges are ski in/ski out and Hafjell hotel representing the local hospitality are located at the base of the resort. The wide variety of Alpine slopes at Hafjell provide a diverse range of skiing challenges. The Alpine facility is not about crisscrossing slopes, but about long and fast continuous runs. And due to the advanced and comprehensive on-site snow-making facilities, Hafjell is a resort with reliable snow and skiing conditions throughout the entire winter ski season. All the slopes at the resort lead to the same final destination at the bottom of the hill - simple and easy.


Thuesday December 24 / Christmas Eve
07.30-10.30 Traditional Norwegian Christmas breakfast
09:00 - 14:00 Hafjell ski resort open - Santas helpers in the ski slopes all day. Take your own pictures with Santa Claus.
Christmas eve worship services.
12.30 Christmas worship (Tretten Church)
14.00 Christmas worship (Øyer Church)
15.30 Christmas worship (Øyer Church)
15.00 Coffee, hot juice and christmas cakes in the Fireplace lounge. Deadline for delivery of Christmas packages at the reception for later delivery of Santa Claus. Up to one packages per guest, which are very well marked with name and room number
17.00 A large traditional Christmas buffet is served at Hafjell Hotell.   Santa comes to the hotel. Coffee, hot juice and christmas cakes in the Fireplace lounge
19.00 -21.00 Playground open to the children - unmanned, parents must join.

Hafjell Hotell offers a traditional Christmas celebration with a large Christmas buffet, a walk around the Christmas tree and a visit from Santa. It is a very special Christmas atmosphere when our guests meet Christmas Eve.

Lillehammer for christmas

Lillehammer is located at the northern end of Norway's largest lake, Lake Mjøsa, and is considered to be Norway's oldest winter sport destination. The Olympic Winter Games in 1994 once again put the Lillehammer region on the international winter travel itinerary. Today, Lillehammer provides visitors with a combination of cherished traditions and modern attractions, with a host of popular museums, galleries, Olympic facilities, exquisite restaurants and excellent shopping. 

The centre of Lillehammer with its award-winning pedestrian street Storgata at its hub - is famous around the world. Charming and historically important buildings serve as the backdrop for a modern and bustling shopping environment with a number of specialist shops and an excellent range of products to choose from.

Welcome to christmas holiday in Norway !