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Langrenn på Øyerfjellet
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Nordic skiing in Norway

Nordic skiing over white mountain plateaus or down the slopes? With Hafjell as the starting point you can actually do both. Ride the Gondola or pick up the trailhead at Hafjelltoppen. The Øyer mountain plateau is a great area for cross country skiing with majestic views and easy and moderate tracks that are connected with the even more extensive Nordseter and Sjusjøen system.

Excellent tracks leading to Sjusjøen, Nordseter and Lillehammer are prepared as soon as the snow conditions allow and into sprintime. Parts of the tracks are prepared for ski skating. To the right you find trail suggestions - with hardly any difference in altitude.

The most hilly one being the Nysetra-Listra with vertical drop of 80 meters. Most trails are above the treeline - and here you are free to take in whatever the mountain has in store. The most scenic trails is "Rognhaugen-Kneiken".

Ski Lillehammer

The Lillehammer region offers a wide range of skiing alternatives, including approx. 350 km of prepared cross-country trails. The tracks run all the way to Lillehammer and Sjusjøen, and even connect up with the Olympic tracks at the Birkebeineren Ski Stadium. You can ski in both forested and mountain terrain, and all the trails are clearly sign posted. At critical crossroads, directional signs have been set up indicating the distance in kilometres to various destinations.

We recommend that you purchase a ski map, and examine the touring alternatives that are described in available brochure material.

Cross country Hafjell

Hafjell and Øyer mountain is a network of trails bordering other networks leading towards Ringebu in the north and Nordseter and Sjusjøen in the South. 220 km of trails in total. Øyer ski tracks is in charge of the preparation, and as soon as the snow arrives their two grooming machines are put into action.

The trails lead through a typical mountain terrain with plateaus and gentle slopes. Hafjell, Mosetertoppen and Gaiastova are all ideal starting points.

Hafjell Resort rent out cabins close to the cross country ski tracks at Mosetertoppen and Hafjelltoppen. Contact us for an offer.

Hafjell skiføre

Sjekk hva som skiføre og oppkjørte langrennsløyper på Hafjell og Øyerfjellet. 

Skispor Hafjell og Øyerfjellet

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