Restauranter og spisesteder i Hafjell

Restauranter i Hafjell

Gaiastova fjellcafe

Gaiastova fjellcafe

Lunsj og a la carte

Lunsj på Hafjell Hotell

Beste hotellfrokost i Oppland

Beste hotellfrokost i Oppland

Servert grillbuffet på Hafjell Hotell

Servert grillbuffet på Hafjell Hotell

 Restaurants and cafes in Hafjell



Hafjell Hotel repeat the success with its large and inviting family buffet. Children and adults can enjoy a buffet and dessert in the summer. The Hotel is located next door to Lilleputthammer family park and indoor playground Hafjell.

The Buffet


Restaurant Hafjell Hotell

Hafjell Hotell

The restaurant at Hafjell Hotel is made into practical and cozy lounges with new buffet area. The restaurant offers winter fixed dinner menus that vary from day to day. In the fireplace lounge we have a piano bar selected days during the week

The Restaurant


Hafjell Hotell offers catering in Hafjell. We deliver our catering to cottages in the destination. We offer the guests homemade, authentic and delicious food - made with love and care, with excellent ingredients.

Catering in Hafjell

Catering og take away
Park cafe Lilleputthammer

Barbecue grill

We serve barbecue grill in July from Wiese farm grill with a selection of barbecue foods such as smoked pork, chicken clubs, hamburger, sausages, salad, potato salad and dressings.

The Grill