Stolpejakten post hunting

ØTI Handball is organizing this year's post hunt for the first time. There are 32 posts in the center of Øyer and Hafjell. The offer opens on June 20 and the bars are out until November 1.
The post hunt is about finding posts centrally located in Øyer center / Hafjell. The bars can be registered both manually, digitally and by downloading an application on the mobile, so you can scan the QR code with which each bar is equipped. The post hunt aims to "pave the way" for activating both young and old, all who want to become better known in the village. The bar hunt is a free offer. Maps and info will be available in several places in the municipality, as well as on the website and the Facebook page.

This is how it works:
The first thing you need to do in the bar hunt is the map where the bar positions are marked. The map is available in two versions: physical map folder or electronically integrated in the app. The Post Hunt app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or AppStore. When maps are in place, you just have to get out to find bars. There are many bars to be found across four different difficulty levels, all of them?

You choose how many bars you find. Either way, it's fun to have an overview of how to approach! This is done by registering the bars, either electronically with the app or via the Stolpejaktens web portal, or manually by filling in directly on the map. To register electronically, an account is required. You can create that at, and it is and will always be free!

How is the registration itself done? Each bar is printed with a code and a QR code. For manual registration, the code is recorded directly on the map, which is later submitted. For electronic registration, either the Post Hunting app is used to scan the post's QR codes, or plotting the code into your account. So easy!
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