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Welle Gruppen


Welle AS, is the parent company in the group «Welle Gruppen», and is the company that presents the consolidated accounts. Welle AS has no employees, is a privately owned real estate and investment company with an office and business address in Hafjell in Øyer municipality.

Welle AS is owned by Jan-Erik Rørvik and his two daughters, who all live in Øyer municipality. The Welle Group had a turnover of NOK 63 million in 2019 and an operating profit of NOK 3.1 million. The group's book equity at the time of the presentation of the accounts in 2019 was NOK 102 million, and this corresponds to 44% of the total capital.

The board considers that value-adjusted equity, especially based on the prices achieved on the sale of properties and apartments in the past year, is far higher than book equity. Throughout the financial year 2019, the group employed about 250 people, of which about 120 are young people who work in Lilleputthammer Family Park and in Lekeland Hafjell during the summer season.

The group consists of the following 100% owned group companies:

Welle Gruppen AS, Welle Lagerutleie AS, Welle Invest AS, Solsiden Hafjell Eiendom AS, Hafjell Gard AS, Hafjell Hotell AS, Lilleputthammer Lekeland AS, Hafjell Event AS, Hafjell Vaktservice AS, Hafjell Catering AS, Hafjell Renhold AS, Hafjell Resort AS and Trysil -Knut AS.


The tourism division is mainly organized with subsidiaries under the Hafjell Hotel «group» and delivers a wide range of services within accommodation, dining, experiences and activities, including through the market name «Hafjell Resort», which has a large number of cabins and apartments in its portfolio, Hafjell Hotell, Lilleputthammer Familiepark, Lekeland Hafjell, Hafjell Event and Hafjell Exclusive.

For further information contact

Welle Gruppen AS
Hundervegen 33
2636 Øyer
Phone +47 61 05 62 60
Email [email protected]