Vinterparken i Hunderfossen
Trollet i Vinterparken
Hunderfossen vinterpark

Winter and snow park

Winter Wonderland in Norway - cold, sparkling and magic moments are awaiting you! Only 15 minutes drive from the town centre of Lillehammer, and only 5 minutes drive from Hafjell Ski arena. Magical experience in snow and ice! A winter world out of the extraordinary. A fairy-tale land that you can neither see nor hear before after dark is what you can experience. Step into a world of snow and ice where you can go for a sleighride try snowrafting, icebowling, admire ice sculptures og simply sit down at the ice cathedral.

Enjoy horse and sleigh rides, snow rafting, ice bowling, mini snowmobiles, a ballroom made of ice, fun dodgems and a spectacular firework display. Impressive sculptures, a stunning hotel, a bar and a cathedral, all made of pure snow and ice, are also available. Norwegian trolls and traditional fairytales in Ivo Caprinos Fairytale Grotto and Castle are a fantastic experience, and Trollfallet with its scary trolls will get your adrenaline pumping. As a finale, we recommend an á la carte meal in Trollsalen – one of Norway’s most distinctive.


By the Fairy-Tale Castle, you will find the majestic Ice Cathedral with its sacral atmosphere – in complete silence and with a wonderful décor of ice and snow. Artists and snow and ice art change every year, but always have our fairy tales in mind. Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the quietness in peace. More than one prince has been answered “yes” here, and if you are lucky, you can hear the Ice Princess’s beautiful song in the walls. The Snow Hotel is just next door with its welcoming rooms. Here, you can sleep on warm reindeer shine and get the feeling of being in another world.

Hunderfossen winter park is located 3 km from Hafjell. Hunderfossen Winterpark. Scandinavias southernmost Snow Hotel!