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Kids climbing park

Olas climbing park consists of an exercise trail, the climbing park itself with 13 climbing elements and then a zipline with 2 climbing elements. In total, Olas climbing park is 135 meters long.

Climbing for kids

The climbing park in Lilleputthammer Family Park consists of 13 climbing elements and then a zipline with two climbing elements. All children who want to climb the Olas climbing park will go through an exercise course where they will receive training. 

We use a system of continuous fuse - ie the children are connected to a fuse line (from the selenium) with a "speedrunner" from start to finish. The climbing park provides a nice introduction to climbing and is designed so that the children will have fun and know that they master the obstacles.

All children also get climbing gear and helmet. Remember to wear good shoes and clothes after the weather conditions. Use of Olas climbing park is included in the ticket price for Lilleputthammer family park. The climbing park is built to prevent or damage the trees in the woods. The climbing park is designed so that the trees can grow without restriction. Here you will also find benches and tables where you can have a snack or break from the climbing. If you are lucky, a squirrel will be visiting you.

Included in ticket price

Use of Olas climbing park is included in the ticket price for Lilleputthammer.

The climbing park is suitable for children between 5 - 10 to 12 years old. It is not the height of the children, but the length of the tight arm is essential. If the height is over 130/135 cm with a tight arm, they will be able to complete the course and experience coping.

Right at Olas climbing park, we have a small practice course for the very youngest children. This part of the climbing park is designed to make children under 4 years also climb. Here you do not need fuse. Guardians must be around to take care of.

climbing park

Activities for the kids

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