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Norwegian Olympic Museum

price from
65 NOK
15 | July 11:00
16 | July 11:00
17 | July 11:00
18 | July 11:00
19 | July 11:00
20 | July 11:00
21 | July 11:00
22 | July 11:00
The Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer is the only museum in northern Europe that tells the entire history of the Olympic Games from 776 BC up until the present day.
The Norwegian Olympic Museum is the only museum in Northern Europe presenting the entire history of the Olympic Games, from their origin in ancient Greece in the year 776 BC up to the present day.

The museum is Norway's largest and most important sports museum, and is responsible for managing a national cultural treasure that has fascinated Norwegians for more than 100 years.

At the Norwegian Olympic museum you get to relive magical Olympic moments through a large collection of historical objects.

To mention every object will be too extensive, but an example is how clothes and equipment that was top moderns some years ago, today bring a smile on our lips.

You will find medals, pictures, objects and gadgets and even one of the most important Olympic symbols; the torch. The torch from the opening ceremony in 1994 and the torch from Sotchi are both present in the collection.

The different objects all tell their stories about sports, development and the time they represent. Different objects bring out different associations. Magical moments can be created by just a glimpse of a pair of skies, a picture or a medal.

Maihaugen is situated within walking distance of the centre of Lillehammer and the railway station. There are signs for the museum on the E6. There is a large car park on the northern side of the visitor center.